Tuesday, June 28, 2011


     Is my little big brothers birthday. I call him my little big brother because while he is younger he is taller by at least 5 inches, and he out weighs me. Anyway, Today...Is Tuesday,Today is just like any other day.  Today is the day i get serious about packing for our upcoming move.
    I really would have liked to just have the movers come and take all our crap but no no no, we have to do it ourselves. Sometimes i really hate that i am a control freak and i just can't let other people do things for me. Well, since i made my bed i am going to sleep in it, I am so glad i am not a hoarder, we don't have any Nick knacks and we have only a few decorations. Now that i think about it my House is very plain and boring. I like to think that our colorful personalities add a little something to it.
I feel like im rambling on now so my dear dear readers have a fabulous day where ever you happen to be!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm a collector

I have come to the realization with lots of unwanted help from my dear dear hubby that I am a collector of hobbies. I think I have creative ADD, I see something that I would really like to do like making a quilt, making ribbons for my daughters hair, crocheting, painting. My hubby has fully supported and funded all of my crafty endeavors, he bought me a very expensive sewing machine that has been used all of 5 times....sorry babe.he bought me yards and yards of ribbon and only a few yards actually got used.
All of those hobbies I have given up except for crochet, I still make things like hats and blankets for family and my kids. See I think my problem is I get so excited to do something and I build it up in my head (I do that with a lot of things lol) and when I finally get it it's really not that great. My hubby has found a way to end the cycle and its a very simple solution. When I ask for money to buy supplies he simply tells me No. I hate it but it helps my creative add, anyone else suffer this awful ailment? I know I can't be alone....Maybe I am hahaha

Saturday, June 11, 2011

And it begins...

We, well when I say we I mean Me. I have started packing up our house for the second cross country move in 2 years. My 2 year old daughter has already lived in 3 different states...kinda sad some say. I would like to think of it as an adventure. Ok I'm getting off track, get back on track find your original train of thought.........ok I found it.
I have started packing up our things, like our DVD collection, books and photographs and other small things that don't get used on a daily basisnor at all, for example our scale lol
But as I was walking around this morning and our house seems so empty already.
I am so thankful to get out of this house that is so far away from everyone and everything that I know and get back to at least the same coast as my family. But I must say I am saddened a bit, I have made some good friends,I love that it is so green here. The show must go on right, I mean this is what we do we pack up and go where ever the military needs us. I think as long as we try to stay positive about it it won't get us down.
Anyways more on the drama that is my life later....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I refuse to do it, im done...

     I am so so done trying to be nice to everybody and trying to make everyone happy.
In my quest to make everyone happy all i have done is make myself unhappy, hairless, and tired. So, hairless you ask, how is this possible? Well let me explain, when I get stressed out my hair falls out, with even the slightest touch to it. Well...my hair is so thin right now that instead of fiddling with the hair on my head I pulled my hair back and slapped a head band on. After doing that i decided to pull hair from a different location that would not be as notticeable. Yea. Well Im so done pulling my hair out basically to make people happy, im tired of not sleeping at night because i have to think of ways to make situations work for people except me. Most of all im tired of being unhappy. I want to spend time with my kids and not be preoccupied with other things that are not nearly as important. So everyone I am sorry if you're not happy but Oh well, my kids and I are way more important.