Sunday, June 12, 2011

I'm a collector

I have come to the realization with lots of unwanted help from my dear dear hubby that I am a collector of hobbies. I think I have creative ADD, I see something that I would really like to do like making a quilt, making ribbons for my daughters hair, crocheting, painting. My hubby has fully supported and funded all of my crafty endeavors, he bought me a very expensive sewing machine that has been used all of 5 times....sorry babe.he bought me yards and yards of ribbon and only a few yards actually got used.
All of those hobbies I have given up except for crochet, I still make things like hats and blankets for family and my kids. See I think my problem is I get so excited to do something and I build it up in my head (I do that with a lot of things lol) and when I finally get it it's really not that great. My hubby has found a way to end the cycle and its a very simple solution. When I ask for money to buy supplies he simply tells me No. I hate it but it helps my creative add, anyone else suffer this awful ailment? I know I can't be alone....Maybe I am hahaha

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