Thursday, June 2, 2011

I refuse to do it, im done...

     I am so so done trying to be nice to everybody and trying to make everyone happy.
In my quest to make everyone happy all i have done is make myself unhappy, hairless, and tired. So, hairless you ask, how is this possible? Well let me explain, when I get stressed out my hair falls out, with even the slightest touch to it. hair is so thin right now that instead of fiddling with the hair on my head I pulled my hair back and slapped a head band on. After doing that i decided to pull hair from a different location that would not be as notticeable. Yea. Well Im so done pulling my hair out basically to make people happy, im tired of not sleeping at night because i have to think of ways to make situations work for people except me. Most of all im tired of being unhappy. I want to spend time with my kids and not be preoccupied with other things that are not nearly as important. So everyone I am sorry if you're not happy but Oh well, my kids and I are way more important.

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