Friday, May 20, 2011

Time just drags by...

    Why is it that when you are looking forward to something time moves like a snail on a cold sidewalk? When you aren't looking forward to anything and just want to enjoy the blissfull niothingness, it races by like a speeding car, not cool.
         What can a stay at home mom have to look forward to you ask. Well...many things, the simplest things get me excited anymore. Going to the grocery store these days is like going to Disneyland wwhen you're a kid. Lame i know but i have nothing to look forward to. Except now we have our orders out of this humid armpit of a state. In the bnext couple of months we will be preparing for our cross country move to Washington! I am so happy, scared, excited and anxiety stricken. Mostly anxiety stricken, i want to get out of here but when i think about all things that need to be done like: packing, reserving the uhaul, signing out of this base, driving cross country in a uhaul, getting to our next post and having to stay in a hotel for a extended amount of time because all the nice housing has a long wait list and many many many more worries. It's enough to make my head spin and keep me up nights which it does.
 Thats enough whining for today...Im sure i'll be whining much more in the months between now and PCS time. Wish me luck, i want my sanity to stay intact

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