Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yard Sales..Love them!

   So this weekend we were finally up and out of bed before 8...which is a MIRACLE. We as in my husband and I are usually in bed 'til about 9. Anyways since we were up and it was post wide yard sale day we decided to drive around and look for some treasures. Which is also a miracle as we Never leave the house before noon on the weekend...Im so proud of us. On our travels we only found a few things that could fit into our blueberry of a car.
    We got a drum set and a guitar for Rock Band for free, SCORE! Now were not sure if it works because we don't have the actual game but, Hey now were ready to play when we do actually buy it. We also got a Disney Princess table set only $25 and it was brand new, SCORE for us again! It also turns into a tower! Thats pretty much all we got...the natives were getting restless and i was tired of listening to them whine so we decided to put us and them out of misery and go home. I am determined to get up that early again so i can go on another treaure hunt.

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