Sunday, May 8, 2011

My favorite holiday...

         Definitely without a doubt...Mothers day. I don't get expensive gifts or big beautiful flower arrangements. No, no i get things that are 1,000X better. I get my husband home which as an Army wife is a big deal in itself as a lot of military wives don't have their husbands home on this or many other holidays. I also get breakfast in bed not brought to me on a silver platter but on my little girls Princess drawing table ♥, I get fresh picked flowers from my front yard, picked with all the love a two year old has in her tiny little heart ♥, I get a day of not changing my sons diapers (every single one of which he pooped bahahaha) Best of all my dearest husband willingly and gladly cleans for me♥ I would not trade these simple and thoughtful gifts for the most expensive gifts in the world.

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