Tuesday, June 28, 2011


     Is my little big brothers birthday. I call him my little big brother because while he is younger he is taller by at least 5 inches, and he out weighs me. Anyway, Today...Is Tuesday,Today is just like any other day.  Today is the day i get serious about packing for our upcoming move.
    I really would have liked to just have the movers come and take all our crap but no no no, we have to do it ourselves. Sometimes i really hate that i am a control freak and i just can't let other people do things for me. Well, since i made my bed i am going to sleep in it, I am so glad i am not a hoarder, we don't have any Nick knacks and we have only a few decorations. Now that i think about it my House is very plain and boring. I like to think that our colorful personalities add a little something to it.
I feel like im rambling on now so my dear dear readers have a fabulous day where ever you happen to be!

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